What's My Red Thread?

What's My Red Thread?


A grokkist’s true value springs from the squiggly and unrepeatable path we’ve taken, and all the tacit knowledge and practical wisdom we’ve accumulated along the way. Finding our Red Thread is about understanding what truly lights us up and moves us into action.

What’s it about?

Grokkists tend to live episodically. If our lives were a TV show, it would probably be one of those anthology shows where the whole cast, plot, and setting changes regularly.

We know that each seemingly unrelated episode somehow connects to the next, but it's hard to see or explain what relates them all, especially when we’re busy living it from the inside.

Sometimes we struggle to make ourselves ‘look good on paper’ or to give a satisfying answer when someone asks ‘so what do you do?’

And because we experience ourselves in fragments, others do too.

A grokkist’s true value springs from the squiggly and unrepeatable path we’ve taken. It rests in the unconscious synthesis of all the tacit knowledge and practical wisdom we’ve accumulated along the way.

Finding our Red Thread is an act of clarity and consciousness. It involves adopting a more fully-integrated mental model that helps us understand what truly lights us up and moves us into action.

Through a guided, playful and energising journey of self-reflection, together with other grokkists we will create a safe and hospitable space to develop and deepen our collective self-understanding.

As we begin to grasp our Red Thread with confidence, we need no longer fear that we or those around us will miss out on the full richness we have to offer. Together, we will begin to unlock your grok.

How does it work?

“What’s my Red Thread?” runs over 8 weeks in an intimate online cohort of no more than 12 fellow grokkists.

Once per week, we will gather for a 90-minute online group workshop – a mix of presentation, interactive discussion and activities.

There will also be some week-to-week activities that consolidate and extend what happens in the workshops.

Over the course of 8 weeks, you will be developing and discussing your Red Thread using provided prompts and materials to spark inspiration, with plenty of opportunities for playful practice.

Throughout the program, you will be able to interact with your fellow colleagues and Danu in the online community space (hosted on the Circle platform).

When/where is it?

  • Live group sessions are held every week via Zoom
  • Next cohort TBC. Register your interest to be notified when the next cohort is available.

How much is it?

We are currently running a pilot cohort on an invite-only basis. Pricing for future cohorts is TBC. You can register your interest to be notified when the next cohort is available.

Who else will be there?

Your cohort will include other grokkists from many walks and stages of life, from around the world. We take care when assembling the cohort to include a range of personalities, interests and levels of experience, designed to generate curiosity and spark insightful discussion in surprising ways.

You could well be the only one in the group who has grokked the kinds of things you have. We invite you to experience this as an opportunity to rediscover your own enthusiasms and hard-won wisdom, through fresh and appreciative eyes.

You might be surprised to discover how your familiar stories and self-narrative comes out of your mouth very differently when you find yourself among other grokkists!

Whether you’re a student or a CEO, fresh-faced or a little world-weary, never doubt that you have something unique and valuable to contribute, and something to learn from others around you.

You will have many opportunities throughout the program to get to know each other better, and in so doing, to get to know yourself better too.

What to expect


Warm Welcome: a kick-off call to meet your cohort, get an overview of the program, cover housekeeping, questions and calibrate expectations.

During the Week: Introduce yourselves in the community space.


Group Workshop: What do we mean by Red Thread, exactly, and why do we need one? Share a handful of your most random and seemingly-unrelated episodes from your grokkist life. Danu introduces a mental model for finding your Red Thread.

During the Week: Reflect on all the weird projects and adventures you’ve pursued, with the help of a worksheet. Do a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad draft of your Red Thread.


Group Workshop: What motivates you? A deep-dive on Driving Forces.

During the Week: Explore the Driving Forces framework and do your own self-assessment. Ask 2 people you trust about how they see you, using some provided questions.


Group Workshop: Which rooms am I in and what beliefs do I bring?

During the Week: If you were a logo, what would it look like? Make a Style Guide for yourself and share it (you don’t have to be a designer – there are tools and goodies to help).


Group Workshop: Who am I in the rooms I’m in?

During the Week: Pair up with a fellow grokkist to imagine an amazing collaborative project, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts while keeping your distinct individual contributions intact. Redraft your Red Thread.


Group Workshop: What do I know that I can’t write down? Unspooling our earned insights

During the Week: Record a talk-show interview with a fellow grokkist, set in the future, in which you celebrate an amazing achievement and ask them to tell you the story of how they did it.


Group Workshop: How do I have an answer to the question ‘so what do you do?’ that’s always different but never changes?

During the Week: Final draft of your Red Thread. Share your reflections on what changed since the first draft.


Wrap Party: Check-ins, final reflections and a fond farewell.

During the Week: Exchange contacts, pack up materials, say goodbyes. Suggestions for where-to-from-here.

What sort of time commitment is involved?

There is a 90-minute group workshop each week for 6 weeks, and shorter kick-off and wrap-up sessions in both the first and final week.

You will get more out of the experience if you participate in the week-to-week activities and are active in the online community space. We suggest allocating 2–3 hours per week for this. That can include thinking time in the shower!

In total, you are looking at a total of around 30–35 hours over 8 weeks.

If we’re doing our job right, this will be something in your week which you look forward to and that brings you energy, rather than an obligation or homework you have to complete.

If you can’t come to a session or you’re not up to it because of Life Reasons, we of course understand, though you will be missed. And there will be recordings etc.

We simply ask you to be mindful and respectful of the experience and that you make a best effort to be fully present in the way you show up to the space.

What happens at the end?

At Grokkist, we don’t subscribe to traditional thinking about ‘learning outcomes’. Our philosophy is to create a possibility space for life-changing learning to happen, by designing out all the tedious and unnecessary schooling apparatus that usually gets in the way of a wholly-resonant learning encounter that lights up the soul.

As Carl Jung puts it:

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

If there’s one thing grokkists are full of, it’s personality! So we encourage you to bring yours and be your ‘shoes-off self’.

Ultimately, what you take away from it all is up to you. Danu will lay the table for a banquet of transformational self-discovery, and together we sit down to partake. Whether what happens next is fun conversation or a friendly food fight, only one thing is certain – it won’t be boring!

👣 A message from Danu about being your ‘shoes-off’ self (5 mins)

This isn't School, or a boot camp. Feel free to show up as you are.

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Danu Poyner

Danu is the founder of Grokkist and host of the Still Curious Podcast. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand and has a career that has become more squiggly than a Norwegian fjord.