Information for Podcast Guests

Information for Podcast Guests

‌Thanks for your interest in being a guest on the Still Curious podcast! Below is some information to make sure everything runs smoothly and we all have a good time.

Last updated: 20 June 2022

🎙  About the Podcast

On Still Curious I talk to guests from many worlds and walks of life about what lights them up, the ways they like to learn and how they navigate the sometimes surprising situations they end up in through following their interests.

What do people who are still curious have in common and what can we learn from their stories that will inspire us on our own path?

Below is a short trailer to give you the flavour of the show.

The podcast is hosted and produced by Danu Poyner, who has so many interests that he has started to outsource them, and whose life plan is rapidly running out of alphabet.

You can browse all past episodes on the Still Curious website.‌            

🗒  What's the Format?

It’s an interview-style podcast with a different guest each episode. The format is semi-structured - there are some questions that act as prompts to shape and guide the discussion, but the aim is to have a fairly natural and free-flowing conversation where often the most interesting insights turn up unexpected along the way. 

Interviews are usually be scheduled for 90 minutes, with the flexibility to finish earlier or go longer depending on how the conversation is flowing. Recordings are edited down to approximately 60 minutes.

As we wrap up, you will have the opportunity to give a shout-out or plug for something that you’re working on or that’s important to you, and let people know the best way to get in touch with you.

❓  Standard Questions

After you register, I will prepare and send you a draft list of 15–20 tailored questions to guide our discussion – we won’t necessarily get to them all during the recording and they may not be asked in order, but it’s helpful to consider them beforehand. I put a fair amount of research into the questions so this can sometimes take me a little while to organise.

Feel free to bring your own questions if you like! (But you don’t have to) When scheduling our interview time, you can also let me know if there are specific topics you’d like to cover or avoid.

Below are some standard ‘signature’ questions for the podcast – most guests will be asked some variation of these at a minimum, so you can get a sense of the flavour.

  1. How would you explain the most important thing about what you do to a 10-year-old?
  2. Did you have a Plan A for your life? What was it? Are you still on Plan A?
  3. How has following your interests or curiosity taken you through different experiences in life so far? Is there a thread that connects these experiences?
  4. What is your practice at its best? Can you share any stories about that?
  5. How did you go about learning how to be good at what you’re doing now? What did you bring over from other parts of your life and what did you have to learn from scratch?
  6. What traits would you say are most important for becoming good at the practice you’re engaged in?
  7. Who are your mentors and who are your heroes?
  8. Tell me about a time you changed your mind about something big or let go of a belief that used to be important to you.
  9. How do you fill your cup?
  10. If you could gift a life-changing learning experience to someone, what would it be and why?

Take a little time to reflect on the questions beforehand, but there is no need to have scripted answers or to over-prepare. Just be yourself, speak freely and trust that what you have to say will be interesting to someone. And don’t worry, we’ll edit out any ums, ahs and stumbles while you find what you really want to say.

📋  How to Register and Join


If you’re happy to be a guest, first visit the Register as a Guest page on the website. There you can fill in your details, including a short bio, photo and any social links you’d like to be included in the show notes.

There’s also a simple standard podcast release agreement you can review. Let me know if you have any concerns with this.

After completing the registration form, you’ll get a confirmation email and invitation to schedule a suitable time for the interview. You can also visit the scheduling link directly.


I’m using software called Riverside for recording. It works pretty much exactly like Zoom, but it’s designed to capture the best possible audio recording quality.

Once you schedule an interview time you will receive a calendar invite with joining details.

When you join, you will enter a waiting room where you can test your audio/video settings. The host (that’s a-me!) will let you in and after that it works exactly like Zoom. We can say hellos and then start the recording when we’re ready.

Note: Only audio will be recorded. The video chat is just so we have a better time talking to each other! :) I use Descript to transcribe and edit the recording.

✍🏻  Tips for Preparing

🎤  After the Interview

After the interview, I will edit the recording for pacing and audio quality and an introduction, music cues etc. You will receive a link to access an unpublished draft of the episode to review, typically a few weeks after the recording.

Depending on scheduling and other factors, the episode typically goes live 4–6 weeks after the recording. Once it is published, it will be available on all the usual podcast directories (eg Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc) and I will send you a link and some promotional materials you can use to share with your own tribes.

Phew! That’s a lot, but it’s all good fun. Thanks again – Hope to have you on the show soon :)

Still have questions? Drop me an email or DM me on socials.