🍾 Old School School Symposium

🍾 Old School School Symposium


To celebrate the release of the Old School School music video, we’re holding a free online symposium! And we made a video about it...

Did you know?
A symposium is literally an act of drinking together. These days it refers to what academics do at conferences, but in the Ancient Greek tradition it meant an after-dinner drinking party heightened by intellectual or agreeable conversation, with music or dancers.

We prefer the OG interpretation! Bring your own drinks.

🗓 When is it happening?

Event starts in...

Nathan is a philoso-rapper and Danu is a philoso-preneur. We both like to create things that make you think, and we believe the point of all that thinking is to get clarity about how to take transformative action that improves our own lives and those of those around us.

Nathan lives in New York and Danu lives in New Zealand. Technology has brought us together.

What's happening at the symposium?

  • Find out why we chose to collaborate on Old School School and why it means so much to us personally
  • Hear us unpack the concepts and challenges contained in the video and what it all means
  • Hear from people like you about your experiences with school and what resonates with you about ‘old school school’
  • Find out what we’re working on next and how you get can get involved

Watch the video

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