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We make learning chemistry fun, accessible, and inclusive by connecting chemical concepts to everyday life.

"I truly believe everyone can learn chemistry. It's very beautiful actually. When you uncover the beauty and the mysticism and the patterns, it can be embraced by all."
- Dr Colleen Kelley (Founder)
Arizona Illustrated mini-doco on how Kids' Chemical Solutions uses comic books to make chemistry accessible and enjoyable for students of all ages. (7 mins)

What does Kids' Chemical Solutions do?

Take a deep dive into chemistry with Kids’ Chemical Solutions where early eager learners can bond with a cavalcade of chemical characters!

Our comics and unique imagination have turned the periodic table into a playground of chemical adventure, and have allowed elementary school students to master concepts often taught at the college level.

Learners will get to know Granny Eve and her grandkids, Poppi and Ray, as you join them on missions (aka “cases”) and learn everything they ever wanted to know about the mysterious world of molecules!

The practice of using case studies in higher education has been an effective tool for teaching everything from medicine to law. These case studies are based on ‘real life’ scenarios and are often framed as a mystery to solve.

“My WHY is to make learning chemistry fun, accessible, and inclusive so that it becomes a ‘normal’ part of a child’s education.”
- Dr Colleen Kelley (Founder)

Who is this for?

The M.C. Detective Agency: Chemical Solutions Required is a series of comic books that teaches chemistry to kids ages 8 – 108.

Chemistry is very much like learning music. Both disciplines are dependent on the interpretation of symbols and the development of fluency with these symbols.

We know that the best time to learn music is between ages 6 – 10 when the brain has the plasticity to make the neural connections necessary. We now know, through Dr Kelley’s research, that this is also the best time to learn chemistry.

Dr Kelley recently finished teaching for 10-weeks in 4th and 5th grade classrooms using her chemistry comic book series. The kids were excited and embraced learning through this platform. Most importantly, 94.7% of the students showed mastery in college-level chemistry concepts AND NGSS standards.

How Does the M.C. Detective Agency Series of Comic Books Mirror College-Level Chemistry? - Kids’ Chemical Solutions
The comic books created as part of the M.C. Detective Agency series were carefully scaffolded to align with the learning objectives found in a 100-level college chemistry course. A comparison of the learning outcomes found in the comic books in the M.C. Detective Agency series with those found in th…

See us in action

The M.C. Detective Agency: Chemical Solutions Required is a multi-episodic series that envelops a cleverly concealed chemistry curriculum with the stories of twins, Poppi and Ray, who solve mysteries using chemistry.

These sibling sleuths have many adventures, including traveling back in time to rescue the Radium Girls, attending a modern day rock concert to save a vanishing Van Gogh, and swimming in a bottle of Chanel No. 5 to find the hiding aldehydes.

The readers eventually discover that M.C. is Marie Curie, hence the names Poppi (Polonium), Ray (Radium) and Granny Eve (Marie’s Curie’s youngest daughter).

What makes us grokkist-friendly?

🎙 Conversation with Dr Colleen Kelley

Danu (founder of Grokkist) spoke with Colleen on the Still Curious podcast to explore how Kids' Chemical Solutions is making chemistry more accessible and enjoyable for everyone through imagination and play.

Listen below or click through to the full episode guide.

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