👀 Just saw the video?

Hey friend, did the Redefining Education Rap - Old School School video light a fire in you? 

Same. I’ve watched it dozens of times and it still gives me tingles.

Thanks for being curious enough to click your way over here. I should introduce myself!

👋 I’m Danu and I’m the founder of Grokkist, the brand new knowledge-sharing community for curious, creative and caring people who love learning but don’t love school.

You can find out more about my collaboration with Nathan and how we made Old School School here.

Max wins the award for best YouTube comment so far...

What can I do here right now?

What else is happening here?

I’m partnering with amazing grokkists like Nathan to develop a range of learning experiences that delight the soul.

People who understand that the most life-changing learning often happens outside classrooms and curriculum, in the space between curious people who care.

Grokkist is working on a range of learning experiences to help you deprogram and get past your stuck energy.

You'll be able to get clarity about how to translate your true strengths and interests into action that can help you transform your life and the communities you care about.

If that sounds interesting, register your interest and I’ll keep you up to date and let you know how you can get involved.

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