It ain't about the cha-ching, cha-ching, we just wanna make the world dance...
– Jessie J, "Price Tag"

Radical access is built into our business model.

If money is the only barrier to you participating in one of our activities, let's remove that barrier!

We've all been unfinancial at some point in our lives. We get it.

We want you.


Pay the full amount in instalments

Many of our courses and services have an option to pay the full amount in instalments. Look for this option on the checkout page.

Pay what you can afford

If you can't pay the full amount, you can choose an amount that works for you.

Dignity first. No questions asked.

Click the button below. Enter an amount. Choose which course or service it's for. Pay and we'll be in touch directly within 24–48 hours at the email address you provide.

Fee-free equity access

If you can't pay at all, that's ok too! You can still participate.

The payment infrastructure we use can't handle $0 transactions, so we need to use a manual process to get you in.

Just send us an email at [email protected] and let us know which course or service you want to enrol in. Our friendly team will be in touch within 24–48 hours.