Squiggly career from chasing too many interests?

A home for multi-hyphenates with a thirst for learning and making change.

Find your red thread. Unearth your tacit knowledge. Unlock your grok.

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Are you a grokkist?

Do you lead with curiosity and have a thirst for learning? Are you a multi-hyphenate who has a desire to leave things better than you found them? If so, you might be a grokkist.


Meet other grokkists

The Grokkist Network is the place for grokkists to connect with each other and ourselves.


Reimagine Education

We're connecting teachers, learners, reformers and radicals from all walks of life to creatively reimagine what grokkist-friendly education looks like.

Never let school interfere with your education

▶️ Watch our 'Old School School' music video (5 min)...

What do you think of when you hear the word school?

We want to redefine 'school': not a tool of the state, but a movement that arises from those who create.

Whose mode of exchange isn't monetary wealth, but relationship and wisdom. An end in itself.