Grokkist Network

The place for grokkists to connect with each other and ourselves.

We're all here to mirror each other so that we become more accurate reflections of ourselves, you know?
- Michaelangelo (Grokkist Network member)
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When grokkists interact with each other, something magical happens.

We're so accustomed to being the odd ones out that some things we think are core parts of our personality are actually just adaptations we've developed to deal with systems and institutions that aren't designed for our way of being.

But when grokkists encounter each other, all of that melts away instantly.

In the company of like-minded individuals, we suddenly come to life. We find ourselves talking excitedly about our adventures, experiences, and niche enthusiasms in ways we usually wouldn't share. We effortlessly reconnect with long-standing interests and questions and remember why they motivate and excite us.

Without the social armour, we have the opportunity to play with, explore and reframe our self-understanding, reflected in the shared grokkistry of those around us.

How does it work?

The Grokkist Network is a dedicated community space hosted on the Circle platform.

You can expect regular events, discussion, and grokkist-friendly networking.

In the video below, Danu explains the vibe of the Network and why you should feel free to bring your shoes-off self.

Bring your shoes-off self (7.5 min)

How do I join?

To join, schedule a 1:1 online orientation with David, our Community Manager – see below.

During the orientation, we'll:

As a goodwill gesture, we ask that you consider enrolling as a Grokkist Supporter (USD $3/mth or $30/yr). This is optional, but it helps cover our running costs and acts as a vote of confidence in the direction of our work.

Schedule your 1:1 online orientation

What happens after I join?

Here's what to expect when you come on board:

  1. Get a personal 1:1 online orientation with David, our Community Manager
  2. Create your member profile
  3. Introduce yourself and share what lights you up
  4. Start exploring and interacting with other grokkists
  5. Come along to events that interest you (including regular New Member welcome meetups) or let us help you host your own!

What kind of events are there?

Glad you asked! Events will be a big focus for the Grokkist Network. Like a sushi train, there should be a steady stream of interesting and appetising options rolling by at all times.

We're starting small, but here are some ideas we have planned...

☕️ Grok Cafe

Informal meetup on a regular rhythm to provide a kind of anchor for folks to gather and unearth connections and interests between fellow grokkists. Facilitated by a community member

🤔 Curious About…?

For when you’ve met someone in the Network and wish you could just have a proper moment to listen to them talk about That Thing they mentioned and ask questions about it. We can see this working based on members volunteering each other. Most of us are quite happy to talk about the stuff that lights us up but it’s always nice to be nudged into it (don’t make me sing!)

💬 Group Discussion

An occasion to gather a group of grokkists and put on our ‘introspectacles’ (as Michaelangelo would say) to examine a specific topic, and to share experiences, questions and perspectives in the hopes of richer and clearer understanding and appreciation.

🗺️ Teach to Learn

We’re proponents of the idea that anyone can teach (in the Ratatouille sense) and that teaching is a joyful service that as many people as possible should experience. We also believe that a grokkist’s true value rests in the tacit knowledge we accumulate through our adventures. Teach to Learn combines these ideas in a fun, supportive and transformative way.

Maybe you have experience of something but haven’t collected your thoughts about it yet. Maybe you can vaguely imagine sharing your knowledge about it in the future, when you know more. Certainly not right now. This is for you.

We’ll support you to run a session on it in front of friendly faces. We’ll help you get all that tacit knowledge out of your head and into some kind of logical, shareable structure that you can unspool to others.

You will be AMAZED at what this simple, low-stakes experience does for your clarity and your confidence. Trust me. This is my personal guarantee. It’s my sincere hope that everyone in the Grokkist Network gets to do this at least once!

▶️ Media Club

We're teeming with book/film/game/media enthusiasts who love geeking out about our favourite stuff, new and old.

Who else is there?

You can expect to meet artists, educators, creators, entrepreneurs, geeks and enthusiasts of all kinds. We're multi-hyphenate, multi-generational, and multi-timezone.

We're aiming to have a steady trickle of new arrivals rather than a flood. This is to make sure everyone can have a high-touch orientation, have the opportunity to make a proper entrance and receive a proper welcome, while making sure everyone has a voice in figuring out what conversations we want to have and what our collective curiosity wants to poke at.

That means it's going to be a bit quiet to begin with - and potentially a bit awkward! - until we reach some kind of critical mass of people. Think of it like arriving at a party on time but there's no-one there except the hosts and they're still making sandwiches and setting up tables. (Is that what happens at parties? I've read books.)

Anyway, just relax and make yourself at home, and we'll continue assembling the furniture around you and occasionally asking you to lift your legs so we can vacuum under them and whatnot :)

I still have questions

Send an email to [email protected] or simply book a time with David our Community Manager to discuss.