ScholΓ© Supplement is Grokkist's free bi-weekly newsletter that celebrates curiosity, learning and life as a grokkist.

Did you know?
The Ancient Greek word scholΓ©, from which we get the word school, originally meant leisure for learning.

We don't bombard or hustle you. We know the last thing you need is another information feed to feel bad about not keeping up with. But we're here for you.

Regular content includes:
✍🏼 Editorial - musings on grokkist life by Danu Poyner
πŸŽ™ Still Curious Podcast - new episode updates and other news
❀️‍πŸ”₯ Reimagine Education - latest updates on our signature project
πŸͺ§ Community Noticeboard - shout-outs/news from fellow grokkists
🍬 Snackables - assorted awesome learning links

Think of ScholΓ© Supplement as a carefully curated care package to spark your curiosity, inspire you to action, or as a friendly refuge on days when the energy vampires have been biting.