Grokkistβ„’ is a member-supported social enterprise – everything we do is driven by purpose before profit. We want everyone to have access to what we offer, regardless of their ability to pay.

A lot of what we offer is already completely free.

For all of our paid offerings, we take a dignity-first, no-questions-asked approach to providing affordable pathways as part of our commitment to radical accessibility and inclusivity – see our "Forget About the Price Tag" policy.

Our Grokkist Full Members help us keep things that way. We call this unlocking the commons.

Membership Options

Grokling Membership

USD $60 / yearly
USD $35 / twice yearly
USD $20 / quarterly

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Indie Grokker Membership

USD $265 / yearly
USD $145 / twice yearly
USD $75 / quarterly
USD $27 / monthly

  • All Grokling benefits, and also...
  • Enrol in any 2 of our grokkable cohort-based courses per year (+ 50% member discount on any additional courses)
  • Be included in our Featured Members Portal
  • Feature your external events and offers in our Events Calendar and Grokkist Newsletter
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Groksmith Membership

USD $500 / yearly
USD $300 / twice yearly
USD $160 / quarterly
USD $55 / monthly

  • All Indie Grokker benefits, and also...
  • Work directly with our in-house team on a personal or professional project (e.g. develop a full course or creative project together, help rebuild your website, assist you through a career transition)
  • Offer your own course or professional services directly through the Grokkist Network
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Lifetime Membership

Grok Ness Monster (Lifetime) Membership

USD $3000 one-time fee

  • Pay a one-time fee to enjoy lifetime access to all current and future Grokkist Network member benefits, forever.
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Common Questions

Do I have to become a paid member to participate?

With a free Grokkist Network account, you can already:

Become a paid member if want to directly contribute to our social purpose while also enjoying a range of additional benefits as part of a grokking community of practice.

And if you can't afford a membership, don't hesitate to take advantage of our "Forget About the Price Tag" policy.

What if I can't afford a paid membership?

If money is the only barrier between you and membership, we'll figure something out with you in the spirit of our Forget About the Price Tag policy.

Use coupon code PRICETAG50 at checkout for an instant no-questions-asked 50% discount off our Grokling and Indie Grokker memberships.

To discuss other options, please email [email protected] or DM David Thomas via the Grokkist Network and we will do our best to accommodate you with a personal solution.

Do you offer reciprocal or in-kind memberships?

We are happy to discuss a reciprocal membership exchange with organisations aligned with our social purpose and ethos.

We also sometimes offer in-kind arrangements on a case-by-case basis for individuals and organisations with whom we are actively collaborating.

For all enquiries, please email [email protected] or DM David Thomas via the Grokkist Network to discuss options.

Will I keep my existing rate if you raise rates in future?

Short answer – yes.

We will refresh our membership rates and benefits from time to time as our organisation continues to develop and grow.

All continuing members are able to renew at their original signup rate – our intention is to honour those who have supported us the longest with the lowest rates.

That also means today is always the best time to join us as a member.

I already paid for a course. Do I have to pay again for a membership?

If you paid for one of our courses directly, your enrolment includes a complimentary 6-month Grokling membership starting from your date of enrolment.

You're also welcome to become an Indie Grokker member at any time by simply paying the difference between your course tuition and the annual rate.

Please email [email protected] or DM David Thomas via the Grokkist Network for assistance.

Something's not working or it's all too confusing – can you just help me?

Of course, we'll be happy to help.

Please email [email protected], DM David Thomas via the Grokkist Network, or contact one of us via socials, or whatever way is most convenient for you.