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I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to have life-changing learning experiences that set the soul on fire. I’m on a mission to uncover what that means, in order to design intentional spaces where it can happen.

Grokkist is the vehicle for this work – a self-funded social enterprise that celebrates the joy and excitement of sharing knowledge for its own sake, free and for the benefit of all.

It’s a business, because I have become convinced through life experience that of all the social institutions, business has the greatest potential to serve the public good. (In flirting with the public professions – academia, journalism, politics – my lived experience has been that too often the ‘public’ part has long since gone missing.)

Grokkist is a social enterprise, because purpose comes before profit. But profit is important, because free is not a business model and, at least for me, the constraint of needing to meet the market is itself a creative challenge that ensures a sustained focus on providing tangible value.

But access to life-changing learning experiences that set the soul on fire should not be gated only to those with the ability to pay – education is a public good. So radical access has to be baked into the commercial model from the beginning.

I am inspired by what Tim Carmody calls ‘unlocking the commons’:

“The most powerful and interesting … model will remain raising money from members who don’t just permit but insist that the product be given away for free.”  -Tim Carmody

With activities like the Still Curious Podcast and the Scholé Supplement newsletter, I am steadily growing a community where the common denominators are curiosity, love of learning and a belief in the radically transformative power of true education.

If you want to show your support for what I'm doing with Grokkist, please consider investing in a Grokkist Supporter membership below. Your modest contribution helps cover fixed costs and sends me a meaningful signal that you like the direction. This in turn is valuable social proof I can use to secure larger financial support through other channels that helps underwrite the radically free-to-access model I am pursuing.

Becoming a paid supporter is completely voluntary and the bulk of content on the Grokkist platform will remain completely free whether you contribute or not.