On the Still Curious Podcast, Grokkist founder Danu Poyner meets people who insist on relating to the world with curiosity and care and talks to them about the red thread that runs through their life story and which ultimately empowers them to flourish as their unrepeatable selves.

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Unlocking the power of purposeful play - Trudi Boatwright | S3E7
Trudi Boatwright is an experiential designer, facilitator, and creative who specialises in play. We discuss how purposeful play fosters connection, innovation, and psychological safety in life and the workplace.
TikTok teaching and activism with philoso-rapper Nathan Dufour Oglesby aka β€˜Nathanology’ | S2E7
Nathanology is a philoso-rapper who uses the forms of hip hop and folk music to produce didactic YouTube songs and TikTok videos that explore concepts drawn from philosophy, history and the physical sciences. We talk about the ins and outs of fusing art, entertainment and education.
27 gifts of life-changing learning and one radical conclusion – an audio essay | S3E9
If you could gift someone a life-changing learning experience, what would it be and why? We discuss the combined wisdom of 27 of my podcast guests and what it means for how we approach the practice of education.