5️⃣ Links is one of the most popular regular sections of Grokkist's free bi-weekly newsletter, Scholé Supplement. It's where you can share your favourite 5 links for grokking That Thing that lights you up.

How to think about it

You light up whenever you think about That Thing and you’ve learned a fair bit about it, enough to be confident you know your stuff.

Suddenly, off in the distance, you hear a cry for help – someone wants to grok That Thing but is feeling lost and overwhelmed!

You can help! But you have a maximum of only 5 links you can share to convey as much excitement and information density as you can to help them get amongst it. Which 5 links will you choose?

Complete the form below to share:

  • How you learned what you know about That Thing (~50 words)
  • What gets you excited about it (~50 words)
  • Your chosen 5 links (1-2 sentence explanation for each link about what it is and why you chose it)

I'll contact you to discuss further and let you know in which edition I'll run your submission. Thanks for sharing your excitement and expertise!