👋 I'm Danu and I'm the grokkist-in-chief around these parts. I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand and work with clients around the world.

I’m a natural and patient listener who asks good questions and can find structure in creative chaos.

I’m curious about people and get my energy from giving hands-on help to others so they can flourish and do things they never imagined were possible.

Whenever you're ready, there are three ways I can help you as a grokkist...

#1 - Find Your Red Thread

Can you draw a line through all your many careers, projects and lived experiences?

A line that runs from where and how you show up in the world to what you’re good at, what holds your interest and what you care about most?

Would you like to? If so, find out more here.

#2 - Unearth your Tacit Knowledge

Tacit knowledge is all the stuff you know but can’t write down.

It’s all the experiences you’ve lived through, the mistakes you’ve made, the patterns you notice, the rules of thumb you apply, and the practical wisdom you’ve accumulated that beats being ‘book-smart’ every time when it comes to actually knowing where to start and what to do next.

Tacit knowledge is the key to unlocking your true economic value.

But how do you get all that stuff out of your head and onto the page in a way that you can actually use and others can follow?

I’d love to get into the weeds with you and help make sense of all.

#3 - Put together a grokkable (eg course/workshop)

Have you thought about making some money by sharing your practical wisdom with others?

Maybe you’re not sure what that would look like, or where to start. Or maybe you’ve already tried and found it more difficult than it looks, despite all the advice that’s out there.

Whether you’re thinking nice-to-have money, make-a-living money, or change-your-life money, it’s a conversation worth having.

Turning wisdom into education is my lifeblood. It’s why I started Grokkist.

I can help you at any and all stages of this, whether it’s just thinking it out and exploring options, all the way to actually helping you design, prototype, host and deliver something, and/or putting you in touch with other amazing people who can help with whatever you need.

Rates and Options

When you pay me to help you achieve a transformative goal, what you’ll get is a combination of access, action, and accountability.

I don’t like to use an hourly rate.

Whenever I have to pay someone an hourly rate in my own life, it discourages me from actually using their service because I can’t help constantly low-key calculating whether each and every minute of our interaction is worth it.

The hourly way of working puts a lot of pressure on both sides and can even lead to resentment, which is the opposite of what’s needed in a relationship that requires creativity, trust and vulnerability.

My clients are my friends, and friends come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. So that’s how I do my pricing.

Reason: We’ll agree on an overall price for our project, with some milestones and deliverables. I’ll own the risk on any extra time and effort beyond what we agree.

Season: You’ll have as much access to me as you want, however and whenever you need it, over a fixed period of time (eg 3, 6 or 12 months)

Lifetime: For when you know you want Danu-as-a-service on an ongoing basis, but you don’t know exactly what, when or how. Pay for 12 months at a time and get a steeper discount for every additional year after the first.

This pricing model aims to keep things flexible but predictable for both of us. And it lets us focus on showing up and enjoying the work.

Let's get started

The first step is to get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit.

If so, great! If not, I can likely point you towards other options that can help. Either way, it’ll be a worthwhile conversation with a good outcome and nothing to lose.

After that, we’ll decide on the parameters of what we’re going to achieve together and how we’re going to do it. If you have a budget, I can work with that. If you don’t, we can explore options.

Book a free 45-min introductory Zoom meeting with me

If you can't find a time here, let me know and we'll figure something out. After you book in, I have a short video message for you.

[Note: I use Otter.ai to take notes so I can concentrate on being fully present in meetings. If this makes you uncomfortable, let me know and I'll turn it off.]