Myles Tankle is a theatre maker, performance capture actor and change management professional based in Melbourne, Australia.

❤️‍🔥 What gets me excited about this

I love this stuff because with any art, there is literally no end to what can be created and how it can be created. Video production at all levels requires a lot of planning and thought and knowledge of tools to create a desired effect.

For anyone technically minded, it's a rabbit hole as there is technical stuff galore. For anyone creatively driven, the process to get ‘that shot’ or ‘that moment’ feels like a never-ending but ultimately very rewarding journey.

#1 | D4Darius [YouTube channel]

Cool, dynamic and easy to understand lessons for anyone starting out.

#2 | Brandon Li [YouTube channel]

Great videos on how to shoot handheld on location and use fancy things like gimbals. Brandon makes things seems very easy when creating travel style/ corporate videos.

#3 | Caleb Pike [YouTube channel]

Reviews of all sorts of gear. Once you start watching, you can’t stop.

#4 | Simple Video Maker [YouTube channel]

Simple, easy to understand video that provide a basic working knowledge of motion graphics. Even the way stuff still boggles my mind.

#5 | Epic Light Media [YouTube channel]

Entertaining and self effacing presenter who breaks down lighting concepts for a variety of use cases.

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