Do you have knowledge to share?

Do you have knowledge to share?

Anyone can teach

To paraphrase Ratatouille (see below) – I don't mean that anyone can be a great teacher, but I do mean that a great teacher could be anyone.

The famous critic scene from Pixar's Ratatouille (2006)

Anyone who has experienced the joy of teaching knows that it's not about being authoritative, it's about the joy of losing the self in being a conduit for something that transcends you.

Maybe you're an academic holding onto the ideal of what the university could be, but (let's be honest), isn't.

Maybe you're a self-taught wizard who understands That Thing more deeply than the people who claim to be experts, if only someone would ask you to explain.

Maybe you've never taught formally but you secretly love it when you get to help onboard the new staff in your organisation because you are So Good at it, even if you do say so yourself.

Maybe you're an independent practitioner who knows the joy of teaching all too well and only wishes you could spend more of your time focussed on that part.

Whoever and wherever you are, we see you. And we need you.

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Grokkist is seeking teachers from all walks of life who know and care about That Thing better than most.

We want to work with you to co-design an incredible learning experience for That Thing that will light people up and that they will be talking about for the rest of their lives.

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