❀️‍πŸ”₯ Reimagine Education

We're connecting teachers, learners, reformers and radicals from all walks of life to creatively reimagine what grokkist-friendly education looks like.

Did you know?
The Ancient Greek word scholΓ©, from which we get the word school, originally meant leisure for learning.

Never let school interfere with your education

We know the best teachers can connect us with any topic and get us excited about it.

But for many grokkists, formal learning environments can often ruin the joy of learning by stifling curiosity, smothering creativity and suffocating imagination.

Even those who do well within the traditional system know that educational institutions can often get in the way of connection and make it harder for great teachers to create the learning moments that light us up.

At Grokkist, we want to:

  1. Create member profiles for people and organisations who are doing amazing grokkist-friendly work to reimagine education, and provide warm introductions to their work
  2. Partner with members to design, create and host grokkist-first educational experiences – we call them 'grokkables'

Scroll down to explore profiles for our current members.

Are you or your organisation reimagining education in interesting and grokkist-friendly ways? We'd love to feature your work.
❀️‍πŸ”₯ Reimagine Education