Amanda Young - Service Delivery Relationship Lead and Hobby Enthusiast | S2E2

Amanda Young - Service Delivery Relationship Lead and Hobby Enthusiast | S2E2

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About the Episode

Key Topics

Not letting your job description define who you are as a person. Fitting in an impressive array of hobbies and interests. The joys of reading and irrational dislike of book editions with 'Now a Major Motion Picture' covers. Learning to have fun while making mistakes. Being a mixed-race Australian, multiculturalism and Amanda's first trip to Vietnam to see family. Empathy, boundaries and soft/enduring skills in the workplace.

Recorded 25 January 2022

Episode Digest

Amanda's squiggly career

The Red Thread

Decisive moments

Synthesising for strength

How Amanda likes to learn

Reflections on practice

Stuff We Mentioned




Audio Highlights

Episode appetiser - My job does not define me as a person (20 sec)


Amanda explains what a Service Delivery Relationship Lead is to a 10 year old (24 sec)


The life changing learning experience that Amanda would gift someone (16 sec)


Making mistakes is part of the learning experience (37 sec)


The limits of empathy (48 sec)


About Amanda Young

Amanda Young is a Service Delivery Relationship Lead in Melbourne, Australia working on risk mitigation and problem solving. Prior to this she was a linguist, focusing on how changes to the English language in Australia reflect the context of the wider society. She likes coffee, reading, running, and finding new things to delight in.

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