From hating math to being a data analyst - Cristina Huidiu | S2E6

From hating math to being a data analyst - Cristina Huidiu  | S2E6

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About the Episode

Key Topics

Journey from a humanities background in libraries to technical integrations specialist for a global corporate. Building a chatbot and losing everything in a server crash. Importance of communication and soft-skills when working on technical projects. A love of problem solving and an avoidance of boredom.

Recorded 29 March 2022

Episode Digest

Christine's squiggly career

The Red Thread

Decisive moments

Synthesising for strength

How Christine likes to learn

Reflections on practice

Stuff We Mentioned  


Audio Highlights

Episode appetiser - Maths as a means to solving curious questions (20 sec)


Cristina explains what an integration is to a 10 year old (36 sec)


The life changing learning experience Cristina would gift someone (21 sec)


Why Cristina was drawn to becoming a librarian (52 sec)


On confronting the technical challenges of building a chat bot (34 sec)


About Cristina Huidiu

Being forever curious about how things work has taken Cristina Huidiu from various roles within the library to technical roles in the corporate environment, where she now works as an Integrations Consultant at Elsevier. Cristina has discovered her biggest passion is to humanise data, metrics and tech so it works for us rather than people having to adjust their lives around them.

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