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Losing your job in the pandemic and reverse culture shock when moving from the US back to Colombia. From English language teaching to instructional design for product managers. Never leaving school and how teachers are more than teachers. Universal design for learning. How teaching expertise is valued in traditional education vs instructional design and edtech and what that means for teachers' freedom and creativity. Filling your cup and finding structure in uncertainty.

Recorded 12 April 2022

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Audio Highlights

Episode appetiser - How the pandemic undermined Diego's 10 year plan (23 sec)


Diego explains instructional design to a 10 year old (59 sec)


The life changing learning experience Diego would gift someone (28 sec)


The importance of designing meaningful learning experiences (18 sec)


Does the use of technology always assist learning? (43 sec)


About Diego Boada

Diego Boada is an educator, researcher, and instructional designer from Colombia with over 15 years of experience. As a Fulbright scholar, Diego earned his M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Learning, Design, and Technology at the University of Georgia in the US. Currently, Diego works at Product School where he collaborates with product leaders from top Silicon Valley companies to develop training materials and certificates for product managers. Also, Diego is working on his Executive MBA at Quantic School of Business and Technology.

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