👋 Welcome aboard!

👋 Welcome aboard!

You've joined a growing community full of fellow grokkists who are curious, creative and like to make their own path through life by following their interests. What impeccable taste you have!

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➡️ Check out the very first edition of Scholé Supplement here.

To get a broader flavour of what we're about, check out this episode of the Still Curious Podcast (24 mins) where I talk about the traits that let you know someone still has their curiosity intact, and what I'm trying to achieve with the overall Grokkist project.

Danu Poyner - what traits do ‘still curious’ people have in common? | S2E4
In this episode: What Danu has learned about curiosity since the podcast started. What traits do ‘still curious’ people have? Curiosity vs institutionali…

🔥 We believe every learner deserves a learning journey that sets their soul on fire. Every time.

We know people who are curious, creative or need concrete examples can find school-based learning boring, stifling or irrelevant.

We know that life-changing learning happens when a teacher or guide says something that opens up your world and sends you hurtling down new paths of possibility, or when you stumble upon a sudden encounter that changes the way you look at things forever.

We want to understand the nature of life-changing learning experiences so we can work with passionate teachers to design them. Because isn't that what education is for?

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- Danu (Founder, Grokkist)