We want to map the space of reimagined education and make it fun and simple for grokkists to explore.

More than a bland or boilerplate directory, our member profile pages are designed to provide a warm introduction to your work and answer the questions that are top of mind for grokkists.

You can explore our current library of member profile pages here.

Why it matters that you're here

Many grokkists feel alienated from the education system as a result of their personal experiences.

Even grokkists with the greatest resilience to being moulded by the powers that be can end up carrying their 'school' baggage with them as adults in a way that negatively influences their self-understanding.

We often hear from newly discovered grokkists how 'I really like having a word for the way I am' and how 'I am inspired and excited by the fact that I am not alone in this journey.'

By signing up for a member profile, you are playing an important part in welcoming grokkists to a community of fellow travellers and inviting them to explore the interconnected worlds of those who are sharing the same journey.

How do I get a member profile page?

To get your profile featured, here's how it works:

  1. Complete the intake interview (see video below). It takes 10–15 minutes. You can respond via video, audio or text.
  2. Complete the payment step (see 'How much does it cost?' below)
  3. Email materials to [email protected] (see 'What we'll need from you' below)
  4. We'll get started on creating your profile, and be in touch to confirm next steps, including setting up a podcast interview, if applicable. If we haven't already met, we'll set up an introductory meeting.
  5. Once the profile has been created, we'll send you an unpublished draft to review and make any changes as necessary. Once approved, we'll publish it on the Reimagine Education hub and feature it in our newsletter.

Note: It's important to make sure we are a good fit for each other. If it emerges during the profile creation process for whatever reason that we're not a good fit, or if either of us ultimately decides not to proceed, we will happily refund your payment with no hard feelings.

We encourage you to review our full terms and conditions for contributing members here.

How much does it cost?

We are a self-funded social enterprise with a social mission to make reimagined education accessible to all.

You can sign up for an organisational Grokkist Supporter membership for USD$18/month or USD$180/yr.

What we’ll need from you

  • A hi-res version of your logo and any other associated brand imagery so we can make you a slick-looking co-branded thumbnail image
  • A copy of your style/brand guide, if you have one
  • Links to the content you would most like to highlight to grokkists
  • A hi-res colour image of you (or your organisation's nominated representative) that includes head and shoulders (make sure the whole of the head is in the image, e.g. no cropped top of head shots)

You can email this information to [email protected]

Can I co-design educational experiences with Grokkist?


Our member profiles are designed to point grokkists towards the amazing array of educators and organisations who are already doing fantastic self-standing work.

If you're interested in taking the further step of working with us to host and/or co-create a reimagined educational experience, we would love to have that conversation.

We call these co-created experiences 'grokkables' – you can find out more here.