🤩 Grokkables

We understand that most truly life-changing learning often happens outside classrooms and curriculum, away from the distracting, harmful and unnecessary elements of traditional learning processes.

Life-changing learning happens when the machinery of schooling gets out of the way and a curious learner following their interests is able to connect with a caring teacher or guide who is as excited about the learner's experience as they are.

With Grokkables, we are working with the grokkist community to co-create a range of exciting learning experiences that delight the soul.

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🔓 Unlock the Grok

A learning experience designed for grown-ups who are still deciding what they want to be when they grow up.

Do you absorb new information like a sponge and feel bored and restless once you fully understand something and there’s nothing left to learn? Does your life feel bent out of shape from all the time you’ve spent stuck in boxes that don’t quite fit?

Life can be unkind to grokkists. We often find ways to do well, because we are resourceful and can adapt. We are often admired, but rarely understood. We are often appreciated for our unique talents and perspective, but expected to conform and constrain ourselves in unnatural ways. For a grokkist, navigating through life can feel like constantly escaping a cage in search of a bird.

Over time, a grokkist’s self-understanding begins to adapt. We begin to see ourselves the way the world does – amazingly capable and great to be around, but under-disciplined and unspecialised. We begin to see our gifts as the very source of our problems, and we can feel stuck, and alone.

Unlock the Grok is about getting past your stuck energy to rekindle your creativity by reframing your self-understanding. You'll be able to get clarity about how to translate your true strengths and interests into action that can help you transform your life and the communities you care about.

Led by Danu Poyner [Founder, Grokkist] with friends

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🤤 Eat Your Isms

An intimate online cohort-based course where we explore the hidden histories of the social, political and economic ideas that shape our lives and minds.

Led by Danu Poyner and Nathan Dufour Oglesby

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